the love zombie.
sex technology betrayal decay body-mods brains love surgery alteration porn data griot infection punk designer drugs the roar of the fire
the love zombie.
the end.
final stages

Travis Bedel


BRLN 23613

give them eyes in every corner
the heart wants what it wants

Data Fossils by Tobias Jewson

Froze human cross-section, from Joseph D. Bryant and Albert H. Buck’s American practice of surgery: Vol. 4, 1906

cold center

Kazuo Ohno is a pioneer of Butoh. The strange, beautiful art of Butoh is the collective name for a diverse range of activities, techniques and motivations for dance, performance, or movement inspired by the Ankoku-Butoh movement. It typically involves playful and grotesque imagery, taboo topics, extreme or absurd environments, and is traditionally performed in white body makeup with slow hyper-controlled motion, with or without an audience. There is no set style, and it may be purely conceptual with no movement at all. Ohno once said of his work: “The best thing someone can say to me is that while watching my performance they began to cry. It is not important to understand what I am doing; perhaps it is better if they don’t understand, but just respond to the dance.”

Blessings Upon the Land of my Love (site-specific installation, emulsion and acrylic on brick), Imran Qureshi, 2011

leave it on the field
thick muscled magnetic bullseye
Under construction

Bethan mcknight - Doris Deathmask